These student influencers shared their Instagram secrets so you can get all the likes

I love getting attention on Instagram – there, I said it. The shameful feeling of validation when those likes start streaming in is too hard to resist.

But I want more. I've tried pulling out all the stops, bringing out my best jokes and making a fool of myself in public just for a snap, but my likes just aren't. what. they. could. be.

Opening credits to my gritty East-End detective drama . . . . #lfl #fff #l4l #f4f

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Yes, that's me unfortunately.

So, I spoke to students who are killing it on The 'Gram and found out the key ways to ensure guaranteed Insta success.

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Meet the students with drool-worthy Instagrams

Ella Storey – Central St Martin's, fashion and food blogger, 13k followers

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Freddie Pearson – Manchester, model, 18.2k followers

@pantelisworld 👊🏻

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Karisma Rajurkar – Warwick, lifestyle Instagrammer - 1.4k followers

Is there a TLC special for people who spend all their money on brunch because I would like to audition

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This is how to get the most likes

How to nail the photos

I live for the mornings without an alarm 🌻

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Karisma: It might sound obvious, but don't post pictures that aren't aesthetically pleasing. Quality and lighting are the most important things when it comes to photos. Also, pictures with people in them tend to do better than food or nature.

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Ella: Don't take dark or grainy photos – the best pictures are taken outside when it’s light. I’ve even risked getting soggy to get a shot when it’s raining. If all else fails then try and get a photo right by a window, because natural light is best.

White backgrounds are also good – sometimes all it takes is a piece of paper as a background for a flat-lay.

Place to be 🏠 #HelloMTVAndWelcomeToMyCrib

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Freddie: For me, it's the everyday life pictures that seem to do well. I think it's because they're the most relatable and there's no fakery. Obviously the quality of picture is important, but you can definitely take some great photos on a phone.

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To hashtag or not to hashtag?

乇 乂 ㄒ 尺 卂 ㄒ 卄 丨 匚 匚

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Karisma: I don't hashtag. I hear it can be quite successful if you want to get likes on one particular picture but I don't think it helps in the long-run, unless you're going to hashtag every single picture you post.

Freddie: Avoid hashtags which beg for attention. I think using loads of #likeforlike and #followforfollow makes you look like you’re trying too hard. It might get you some quick engagements but ultimately it turns people off.

Part 3: @pantelisworld 🇺🇸🏀📸

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Ella: Using generic, well-searched hashtags like #OneDirection means you’ll get more engagement, but in the long-run it damages your rep because it makes your account look fake. Instead, pick popular yet relatively niche ones in relation to your image. More #ukfashionblogger than #fashion.

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And the captions?

Playing hide and seek with the Sun

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Karisma: Don't make your posts too cringey – self-deprecating captions are really relatable because they show you've got a sense of humour.

Freddie: Don't be afraid to be bold, funny captions can do a lot. Make sure you get a lot of variety – there are millions of similar posts on Instagram, so having some good banter with yours will help you stand out.

Ella: Boring captions are a real no-no for me. This is the age where funny gets you far. Scrolling past endless posts captioned 'About last night' and 'I did a thing' will never inspire people to engage.

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The right way to engage with your followers

"Go Flex" Shot by @jphotography91 📸 #GetThisManAShirt

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Freddie: Posting too often can get annoying, but keep it consistent. Don’t post so infrequently that your followers forget you're there. There’s a balance – about twice a week is enough.

Karisma: Don't try and be too 'Instagrammy' or be too aloof. Make sure you engage with your followers – follow them back, reply to their comments and like their pictures.

The one day this year I actually dressed up. Someone have a fancy party pls

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Ella: I wouldn't post more than twice a day, and even that is a push. No one’s life is that interesting that they have that many images to share, and you don't want people to see your posts as spam.

Also, avoid posting generic comments on other people's photos so that others find your profile. When I receive comments like 'great shot!' I know it probably hasn’t come from the heart – it doesn't make me likely to follow them back.

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The perfect Instagram partner

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